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Thanks Madhvi4EE . Done. And wishing you strength for your campaign. From #EcologicalEmergency to #ClimateSolutions through #ClimateAction
What a great campaign - Ulrika Modeer
Awesome Job Madhvi!
I agree with her.
Polystyrene is dangerous to public health and will never get recycled in the real world. Please ban it!
I support Madhvi's cause for the safe future
Completely ban plastic
Great initiative.Positively support
This is the need of the hour.we need to save our planet.
Our planet needs saving, and this is just one of the ways to do so. Great initiative, we are in this together.
I support the fight against plastic waste styrofoam pollution
I support a global ban on further production of new plastic & initiatives to support research & development of alternative. The use of glyphosate & neonic herbicide is inconsistently regulated around the world, with science ignored in many places, including Australia. Big oil & Big pharmaceutical companies are taking control of human & environmental health. It's time for the power shift to return that control to trusted institutions & for increased accountability & transparency in government in their dealings with these companies. I support any moves by groups or individuals to make these changes and add their voice to the global chorus that is demanding it.
J'aime la nature
This young lady is wiser than others 10x her age. It’s past time the “leaders” of our countries take action immediately towards building a more sustainable future. Collectively as a species- we have all the money in the world- nothing is impossible. Greed and power are why 3 generations have been left with a diseased, polluted, and dying planet. Listen to the future. No matter how small or how quiet their voices are. For it is us that you are really hurting. Leaders of this planet have the knowledge, those willing, resources, and every tool at your exposure. Do what is right. For the planet. For your family. For your legacy. For honor. Do what is right by them.
These commitments would go far to help stop the extinction crisis which is endangering wildlife worldwide. Biodiversity is essential if humankind is to survive. Thank you.
good luck with this. It's the single most extant threat to our species.
The proliferation of above mentioned single use plastic around the world is accelerating the climate change and should be urgently halted
Just signed. Thank you for your work on this important issue. - Dr. Jane Baldwin - Climate Scientist
Thank you for describing the challenges we face.
Amazing work Madhvi!!!
I agree with Madhvi Chitoor and join her in appealing to the Heads of all the countries of the world to ban the production of plastic for the good of the future generation
I support your campaign.
Yay, Madhvi!!! Keep up your great work!
Very neceesary to avoid plastics
I agree. It's a should be seriously attemptec
I fully agree
I support Madhvi
Thank you for your work towards preservation of eco system. Appreciate it.
Good initiative
Our family is boycotting plastic for years.Very Good initiative and need of the hour.Hats off. younger generations are more active.proud of them.Best wishes .Hoping for a best future.
These are important steps to protect Mother Earth from ravaging pollution.
Good initiative
Be Human, Save Nature
Refuse, Refuse, Refuse, Refuse, Refuse, Refuse plastics
It is essential that adults look after future generations and ban these harmful pollutants and pesticides. No young person should have to fear that adults do not, or cannot advocate for their future such that they have to turn their attention to ensuring a healthy life sustaining planet themselves. And yet here we are. I'm fortunate to live in Berkeley, CA where a ban on polystyrene food containers and cups, single use plastic bags, restaurant to-go flatware and Glyphosate has all been banned. We are proof that it can be done and the longer it takes for counties, cities, and countries to move swiftly towards these simple measures for future health, the more we will sacrifice due to complications in health and the environment. In fact the speed and scope of plastic pollution and species extinction due to pesticides suggests that these measures will not be enough, and that broader sweeping action is necessary. With safe alternatives available, businesses and cities are available to save money by diverting expenses from unnecessary throw away items, and landfill. If we consider the environmental hazards to drinking water and health, soil and agriculture, we save as well. Please act now and take this first step. Look into models for other cities and communities and do not delay. Younger and current generations link plastic pollution to fossil fuels and climate change, as well as species extinction. Don't be the one to say you didn't act once you knew.
Thank you for contacting us. We interested in this Fight.
Awesome job Madhvi
Let's leave a safe and normal world for our future
Good Act
Hats off to Madhvi. I'm proud. Please carry on your mission. God bless
I support
I Support the initiate for eco-friendly laws
Good initiative
God bless you
Estoy de acuerdo - Former President of Ecusaor Madam Rasalea Arteaga.
Yes, I support the cause. I support the movement against plastics which is harmful to the society and the world as a whole
Well done and Best wishes!
We pledge to stay focused on our mission to improve the green cover of the planet while sensitizing people on importance of climate action.
Excellent Always be successful don't forget Afghanistan
Thank you, Madhvi!
Keep up the great work!
No problem Madvhi, and can I just say how fantastic it is to see you stepping up for what you are so passionate about. I wish you all the very best in the future Thumbs up
Well done, Madhvi, for this important initiative!
We want to leave a beautiful world for future generations.
Wishing you all the best in your efforts. God bless you. -Kailash Anerao
Good luck!
I support the petition
This underscored our efforts with RISE(; when we take off we’ll fly with you!
Thank you so much for the work you are doing. You are an inspiration! Anyone who sees this post, please sign Madhvi's petition and learn about this incredible #ecohero #NoStyrofoamNinja, 9 yr old girl advocate. - Lilian Norris
Good initiative. Keep it up.
Signed! Thanks for all you are doing.- Dr. Gaurab Basu- Harvard Medical
Thank you for taking this initiative, Madhvi..! You’ve taken a good early step to protect and secure your future. Some of us, adults, have and are doing our bits to stop the greediness that are ruining your future environment but it’s still not enough. I hope your initiative will inspire more youth to raise their voices and uphold your rights to live in a healthy and toxics-free environment. Lots of love, Yuyun xx
all the best!
For all Life , all generations #NewClimateWar
Our encouragement and good luck in the fight to save our beautiful and fragile - Alooune Badara GUEYE