Madhvi4EcoEthics, is a 501c3 non-profit founded by dynamic, passionate 6 yr-old girl Madhvi Chittoor, aka NoStyrofoamNinja, in 2017, to raise awareness against Plastic and Styrofoam Pollution, Climate Change and fight for Climate Justice.

Madhvi Chittoor, a Global Plastic Pollution Youth Ambassador, "Best Up and Coming Peacemaker" backed by 14 Nobel Peace Prize Laureates by PeaceJam Billion Acts, speaker, music composer and author, very firmly believes that Climate Justice is Ecosystem justice, Social justice, Economic justice, Racial justice and Intergenerational justice too.

Further, she also fights for creating laws for "Rights for all Earth's Natural Resources like lakes, waters, streams, oceans, land, air, atmosphere, forests, biodiversity, mangroves, flora and fauna " and also setting an economic value for their usage and conservation.

Our mission is to usher impactful change advocating Eco Ethics and enabling green choices in-lieu of non-green convenience & greedy economics to protect ecosystems, public health and climate.

EcoEthics Movement: Madhvi is also the founder of the Global EcoEthics Movement with perations in India, Bangladesh, Gambia, Zimbabwe and US> EcoEthics movement's mission is to encourage others and to provide a starting point for those who are interested in taking Climate Action and fighting for Climate Justice to join hands with Madhvi. Also, EcoEthics movement provides guidanace to others in their local projects too.

Madhvi Chittoor