March 8 2022 Guest at KGNU Metro program hosted by Ean Thomas Tafoya - Trash, Toxics, Water and Electric School buses -
March 8 2022 Keynote Speaker at International Women Summit organized by Safe Women of Bangladesh.
March 8 2022 Received response letter of acknowledgement from President Joe Biden in response to my concerns and as a supporter of my my Climate Crisis work.
March 2022 March declared as PFAs Pollution Impact Awareness Month! I worked with Gov Jared Polis of Colorado from July 2021 to Feb 2022 to make this happen
Feb 15 2022 - Selected as UN Child Advisor for UNCRC formulation UN General Comment No.26.
Feb 3 2022 - EcoEthics Zimbabwe Launch. Congratulations Mr.Tendai Guvamombe, President EcoEthics Zimbabwe.
Dec 3 2021 Organized a huge Guinness World Record Attempt with students of Jeffco Public Schools for Recycling markers. Evidence is still under review by Guinness World Record. The campaign was initially launched on Dec 12th 2018. Then 2020 and most of 2021 was washed out due to COVID. Finally, I was able to bring together all schools on Dec 3rd 2021.
Jul 2021 Jul 30 - YAY !! Bayer pulls Glyphosate from US lawn and Residential Markets. Thanks to all my petition signers.
Jul 2021 Jul 6 - YAY !! HB21-1162 is signed into law by Governor of Colorado, Mr. Jared Polis.
Jun 2021 Jun 8 - YAY !! HB21-1162 passed the House Floor concurring with Senate Amendments and heads to the Governor's Desk for signature.
Jun 2021 Jun 2nd - YAY !! HB21-1162 passed the Senate Floor Third Reading.
Jun 2021 Jun 1st - HB21-1162 passed the Senate Second Hearing in the Senate Floor with amendments.
May 2021 May 28th - HB21-1162 passed the Senate Appropriations Committee. (Senate First Reading)
May 2021 May 26th - HB21-1162 passed the Senate State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee. I gave testimony at 1.30 am in the wee hours of May 26th.
May 2021 May 26th - HB21-1162 passed the Senate State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee. I gave testimony at 1.30 am in the wee hours of May 26th. It was postponed from May 18th to May 25th and it was heard late night.
May 2021 May 4th - HB21-1162 passed the House. I watched the entire House Floor proceedings which went on till 10.45 PM.
May 2021 May 4th - HB21-1162 passed the Appropriations Committee. State Rep Alex Valdez informed me via twitter.
Mar 2021 March 29th - Gave testimony for HB21-1162 before the Finance Committee and and it was voted YES.
Mar 2021 March 25th - Gave Testimony for Bills HB21-1119 - Right To Repair Bill and HB21-1189 - Regulate Air Toxins. HB21-1189 passed the Committee.
Mar 2021 March 16th - Met with Madam VP Ms.Kamala Harris, Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff and Governor of Colorado Jared Polis. Madam VP Harris supported Madhvi's #GlobalPlasticPolicy and that her policy staffer will follow up with Madhvi. Awesome !!
Mar 2021 Mar 11th - Gave Testimony for Bill HB21-1162 before the Energy, Environment Committee and the committee voted YES for the bill. Yay !!
Mar 2021 March 10th-Speaker at Plastic Pollution Youth Lobby Day and organized youth meetings for Bill HB21-1162
Mar 2021 March 4th -Policy Discussion with CDPHE on PFAs
Mar 2021 March 3rd -HB21-1162 - Management of Plastic Products Bill was introduced in Colorado General Assembly
Jan 2021 Testified with CDPHE for Suncor permit
Dec 2020 Dec 10th- was awarded the "Best Up and Coming Peacemaker"
Dec 2020 Dec 3rd - Presentation at the International POP Festival
Nov 2020 CDPHE also recognizes Madhvi’s perseverance and determination to implement stringent TENORM regulations
Nov 2020 COGCC implements as rules 9 yr old, Madhvi’s direct suggestions to protect groundwater, storm water and surface water runoffs. COGCC also recognizes Madhvi’s commitment and perseverance. A big win for Madhvi, public health and our ecosystems.
Sep 2020 Madhvi, 9 yrs old, launches the Parents To The Polls campaign to urge all eligible parents and elders to vote.
Sep 2020 Won the Gloria Barron Prize National Award for Service
Sep 2020 Met with offices of then Senator, now VP elect Ms. Kamala Harris office, Speaker Nancy Pelosi office, Senator Bernie Sanders office, Hawaii Senator Ms. Mazie Hirono, Colorado Senator Mr. Michael Bennett, US Congressman Mr. Ed Perlmutter, US Congressman Mr. Joe Neguse, US Congress woman and US Select Committee on Climate Crisis Chair Ms. Kathy Castor to discuss reducing carbon emissions.
May 2020 Won the "Green Difference Award" by Project Green Schools
Feb 2020 Madhvi gives testimony for the 3 Plastic bills
Jan 2020 Thanks to Madhvi Chittoor's advocacy and signature campaign, 3 Plastic Pollution Bills introduced in the Jan 2020 Legislative Session. 1) HB20-010 - repeal ban on local government ban on plastics 2)HB20-1162 - ban Styrofoam containers 3)HB20-1163 - ban single-use plastics.
Dec 2019 Ralston Creek Cleanup – co-organized with State Rep Ms. Brianna Titone and Environment Colorado
Nov 2019 submitted petition to COGCC for SB181 along with many children supported by Our Children’s Trust and 350Colorado.
Nov 2019 South Platte river Clean-up at Confluence Park, Denver, Colorado - co-organized with Patagonia and Environment Colorado
Oct 12,2019 Many International Newspapers including The Guardian feature Madhvi's name.
Oct 11 2019 Madhvi is invited for a lunch meet and share-the-stage event with Greta Thunberg .
Sep 2019 Sep 23 2019 Presents the petition to State Representative Ms. Brianna Titone
Sep 2019 Sep 20 2019 Madhvi speaks at the Global Climate Rally addressing atleast 5000 people and launches a signature campaign for banning Styrofoam containers, single-use plastic bags and give local control for plastic regulation in Colorado.
Aug 30,2019 Thanks to Madhvi Chittoor's advocacy - 7.6 million Styrofoam containers diverted from landfill annually and replaced with sustainable containers.
June-July 2019 Thanks to Madhvi's speech at Capitol Hill steps on May 2019, Colorado Legislators form the Zero Waste Committee during summer break of 2019.
May 3 2019 First Climate Rally speech at the Colorado State Capitol steps.
April 2019 Madhvi convinces the new Governor of Colorado Mr. Jared Polis also to declare April as Plastic an Styrofoam Pollution Awareness Month
Dec 12,2018 Madhvi's animation "Zero Waste Hero" receives award at the Jeffco Reflections competition
Oct 5,2018 Madhvi's petition and letter makes Mr.Jason Glass announce the formation of Food, Nutrition and Sustainability Task Force
Sep 19,2018 Meeting with Mr. Jason Glass, Supt.of Jeffco Schools, to discuss replacing Styrofoam containers with Paper containers
Apr-Jun,2018 Signature Drive garnering suport to replace Styrofoam containers in school cafeterias
Apr 1,2018 Proclamation signed by Governor Mr. John Hickenlooper declaring April 2018 as "Plastic and Styrofoam Pollution Awareness Month"
Feb 23,2018 Madhvi's 1st book titled "Is Plastic My Food?" published at Amazon, Kobe, axis 360, Scribd, Apple ibooks and also the Public Library in different counties in Colorado.
Nov 2017 Madhvi decides to form a non-profit Madhvi4EcoEthics
Jul 2017 Madhvi's 1st book titled "Is Plastic My Food?" gets recognition from NatGeo
May 2017 Madhvi's book titled "Is Plastic My Food?" receives recognition from Jeffco County wide competition.
Dec 2016 Madhvi, at the age of 5, writes her 1st book titled "Is Plastic My Food?"